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My staff and I have many years of experience and we provide personalized and quality services in a cost-effective manner in commercial, residential real estate and corporate law as well as confidential personal assistance in all family law matters.

I am fully bilingual and I can provide referrals, if required, for Lawyers in Quebec, Real Estate Agents, Mortgage Brokers, Home Inspection Service, Home Insurance, and Home Appraisers.

We provide quotes on all our services.

Our Price Guarantee:

We will match any written or published rate on residential real estate transactions from another reputable law firm.

Real Estate Services -


  1. Purchase;

  2. Sale;

  3. Mortgages;

  4. Transfer of Land;

  5. Survivorship Applications;

  6. Condominium;

  7. Private Financing;

  8. Re-Location services;


  1. Purchase;

  2. Sale;

  3. Leasing;

  4. Commercial Development;

  5. Asset Purchase;

  6. Share Purchase;

  7. Financing and Conveyance;

  8. Lease Terminations;

  9. Evictions;

  10. Landlords Rights;

Family Law

  1. Marriage Contract;

  2. Co-habitation Contract;

  3. Separation;

  4. Division of Property;

  5. Custody and Access;

  6. Divorce;

Corporate Law

Services in the field of Corporate law which include the following:

  1. Procedure for obtaining Incorporation;

  2. Protecting Assets from a disaster;

  3. Issues involving Share Capital;

  4. Shareholders;

  5. Liabilities of Directors and Officers;

  6. Corporate Finance;

  7. Amalgamations;

  8. Franchises;

  9. Insolvency;

  10. Takeover bids;

  11. Tax;


Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm

In order to serve working families, I offer evening appointments and, with some restrictions, in-house appointments may be arranged

Estate Law

  1. Wills;

  2. Power of Attorney;

  3. Probate;

  4. Estate Planning;

  5. Corporate Wills;

  6. Henson Trust;

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